Palma Local Police officers arrested for extortion

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PALMA Local Police officers have been detained and are under investigation for extorting money from businessmen.

Investigators uncovered evidence, which shows the group extorted owners of bars, not only in Platja de Palma but also in s’Arenal, Gomila and on the Paseo Marítimo. The investigation was first opened at the end of 2013 after testimonies from policemen and those blackmailed.

Among the detained is Local Police Commissioner Rafel Estarellas, accused of tampering with police recruitment examinations. Estarellas had the most power in the Palma Local Police between 2011 and 2013.


Gabriel Torres, head of the Green Patrol, is another officer that has been detained. The Green Patrol is a unit responsible for reviewing all nightlife venues.  He is also being accused of issuing fake fines against nightlife venue owners.

Anti-corruption prosecutor Miguel Ángel Surbirán requested that Judge Manuel Penalva order the arrests that lasted most of Sunday.

Palma City Hall has communicated that a ‘package of measures’ will be presented today, to avoid future cases of police corruption.


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