Boys from Bayside School walking for charity

© Gibmetal77/Wikimedia Commons
Entrance to Bayside School

SOME 600 students from a total body of around 1,000 who attend Bayside Comprehensive School for Boys are undertaking a massive fundraising exercise today, Monday October 26.

They plan to walk 1,759 kilometres, which is the distance between the school and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where a number of local children have attended for treatment.

In order to meet this target, the combined team will need to walk 4,397.5 laps around the athletics track at Victoria Stadium, which is opposite the school and is effectively their ‘playing field’.


Naturally, no single student from Years 8, 9 and 10 is expected to walk the entire distance and they will be encouraged to simply complete as many laps as they can within an hour, but they have been advised to only undertake as much as they are comfortable with.

All of the money raised through sponsorship will be shared between a number of charities which have been chosen by the students themselves, many of which will be of local concern.


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