Trial for setting fire to mayor’s car

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A MAN, 23, is facing six years and nine months in prison for setting fire to the Mayor of Soller’s car in September 2012.

He was due to appear in court this week, also charged with destroying 14 parking meters and injuring two police officers when resisting arrest. 

He, and a minor who has already been tried, doused the car of Partido Popular mayor at the time, Carlos Simarro, with petrol, when it was parked outside his home, and set fire to it.


They aimed to scare him because of his political actions and express their rage and opposition to the way he was handling his position.

The vehicle, worth €12,600, exploded and was destroyed, causing much alarm for Simarro and his family.

When arrested, the man confessed, apologised to the former mayor and his family, and put up €9,000 to cover his civil liability, of which €7,000 was given to Simarro for compensation.

Almost two weeks later he damaged 14 parking meters with a welding gun, one of them caught alight and the others were beyond repair. The cost was €8,000.

He was asked to stop and be identified by police on the street, but instead he ran away. When he was caught he resisted arrested and injured two officers.

He was remanded in prison until October 2012, and may also be asked to pay a further €8,500 in compensation to Simarro, €9,200 to the company in charge of metered parking in Soller, and €1,100 to the two officers. 


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