Spanish police free kidnapped Moroccan Migrants

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TWO Moroccan migrants have been freed by Spanish police after being kidnapped when they entered Spain by ferry. 

Police have said in a statement, Saturday, the two men hid in a boat in Tangier headed for the Spanish port of Algeciras in early October. On arrival in Algeciras, they were lured into an apartment in the city by two Moroccan men with false promise of food and a clean bath.

The migrants were beaten and held for a ransom of €4,000 – €5,000 ($4,400 – $5,500), demanded from their family members. 


Police started investigations after the wife of one the men that had been kidnapped made a complaint. They raided a flat where the kidnapped migrants were being held after someone in Morocco had given their location. 

In a statement, “Both kidnapped men had suffered injuries, and one of them even told the officers that he had thought of throwing himself out the window if they were not freed by police.” The police have arrested two suspects. 

Migrants tried to enter Spain through Morocco every year, and many smuggled across the border to Cueta and Melilla.


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