Flu jabs aim to increase protection

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THE flu vaccination campaigns have launched in Valencia and Murcia Region.

In Valencia, Minister for Health, Carmen Monton, said the campaign will run until January 31 and aims to increase protection among the population as well as raise awareness of the risk factors of flu and promote the idea of having an annual jab against the virus: “We want to protect people at risk and increase the coverage to avoid complications related to the spread of the flu.

Vaccination is the most effective method to prevent infection and its complications.” This year funds totalling €2,255,500 have been allocated to acquire 782,250 doses of the vaccine. Of these, 85,000 are special vaccines suitable for those with allergies to eggs or antibiotics. Last year there were 1,000 such vaccines.


Vaccines are now also available in Murcia with the Minister of Health, Encarna Guillen, encouraging those in the ‘at risk groups’ such as the elderly, young, pregnant and health workers, to get the jab as soon as possible. Guillen said by having the vaccination, it could prevent up to 45 per cent of hospital admissions


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