Castrillo Matajudios changes town name to Castrillo Mota de Judios

The old town name at the town's entrace before being changed to something more Jewish-friendly

THE Spanish village Castrillo Matajudios officially changed its name which translated ‘Camp Kill Jews’ to Castrillo Mota de Judios (Jews’ Hill Camp) on October 23.

The town’s inhabitants voted to have the town name changed last year after Mayor Lorenzo Rodriquez said the name was offensive and did not honor its Jewish origins.

Israel’s ambassador in Spain Daniel Kuttner joined Spanish officials for the name change celebration. “It must be remembered that the expulsion from Spain was for Jews a traumatic event of historical dimensions and set out the trajectory for the Jewish people from there on,” he said at the ceremony.


The new town name was approved by the regional government of Castile and León in June. The old road sign has been replaced at the town’s entrance with the new name. 

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