Police arrest former head of La Linea Fishermen’s Association

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Fishing boat and Gibraltar

LEONCIO FERNANDEZ 70, former head of the La Linea Fishermen’s Association was arrested whilst voluntarily attending an interview with officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) on October 20 in connection with the removal and theft of a three ton concrete block which formed part of the artificial reef.

His name was first associated with this theft when a number of divers from the Spanish group Denaes (foundation for the defence of the Spanish Nation) removed the block in June 2014 which caused some consternation within Gibraltar as no action was taken to prevent this very public action which allegedly took place over three nights.

According to a statement made by Sr. Fernandez to an Andalucian website, the first he knew about the fact that the RGP wished to speak to him was when his son took his boat into Gibraltar for fuel and they boarded the boat looking for him.


He therefore contacted the RGP and agreed to present himself in Gibraltar for interview where he was arrested and bailed until January 16 2016.


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