Juan Verdun – Number one for PVC doors, windows, and more

LIFE ENHANCING: Top quality windows and doors transform a home

FOUNDED in 1997, Juan Verdun has experienced constant growth and has consolidated its position as one of the leading companies in the field of PVC joinery.

The strength of the company lies in the high qualification of its staff, who are able to satisfy the demands of the market. They also take special care when training the new generations in the fields of production and assembly. From the beginning, Juan Verdun has opted for new technologies, featuring machinery imported from Germany and Italy in order to offer our customers the highest quality products.

If you’re thinking about changing your door, your windows or maybe transforming your terrace into another habitable room, look no further as Juan Verdun has the solution for you. They use high quality materials like PVC, which is easy to shape and as it is a thermoplastic material it adapts to all circumstances.

The PVC windows incorporate the latest advances in engineering profiles to achieve the highest levels of insulation and resistance. The PVC doors are manufactured using the latest advances in engineering, achieving a great aesthetic finish. In addition, PVC seals are now a great solution for converting your balcony or terrace into an outdoor living space. Stainless steel fences are fantastic for the outer areas of the house; they have an amazing finish and are very resistant to weathering.

PVC entrance doors have an internal structure of steel and different finishes, from the most modern to rustic designs. The company continues a process of improvement both in research and in production, in order to maintain our commitment in pursuing quality and impeccable service. This is what makes us different from the rest; our best publicity is our clients’ satisfaction.

They are located in Velez-Malaga, Camino del Higueral 9. Tel: 952 50 25 27 or email [email protected]. www.juanverdun.com


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