Green garden waste is causing a problem

RUBBISH: Councillor could not explain why this bin hadn't been emptied

THE town hall in Playa Flamenca has responded to criticism about the state of the Orihuela Costa with rubbish piling up and waste not being collected, as reported two weeks ago.

Councillor Sofia Alvarez spoke to the Euro Weekly News and said there shouldn’t be a problem as the rubbish collection service is in full operation and bins are being emptied every night except for Saturdays. She acknowledged there was an issue with the green garden waste, but said this is mainly down to the residents themselves who are just leaving it piled high next to the bins and not following the correct procedures for where and when it will be collected. She said, “I live in this area; I know it is the green rubbish that is a problem. It has to be put into plastic bags and if there is a large amount, you have to call the town hall and we will arrange to collect it.”

When showed images of a small litter bin overflowing just next to the tunnel going underneath the N-332 by La Regia, Sofia admitted she did not know why this hadn’t been emptied, “But this is why we have set up a team of volunteers to be able to check these general areas and to let us know where problem areas are, if bins are in the right place or if more are needed. Just today I put in an order for a new bin in Las Ramblas and two more for Entre Naranjos.”

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The town hall is this week putting signs in place around urbanisations informing residents of when and where green rubbish is collected. Anyone with large amounts for collection can call 966 760 000 or email [email protected] Rubbish should be placed in bins after 8pm. Breaches of these sanctions can hold a fine of up to €1,500.


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