Severe weather in Alicante province

LEFT STRANDED: Dozens of vehicles were caught as drainage systems struggled to cope.

THE province has experienced another episode of extremely heavy downpours with over 83 litres of rain per square metre recorded in the coastal town of Moraira, Alicante and a drop of 10 degrees in temperature in some areas in the province in just 24 hours. Nearby Javea received 40 litres per square metre.

Alicante was the province most affected by the rain on October 13 according to the State Meteorological Agency, AEMET. The day started off with heavy low cloud and the rain started around 9am, not letting up for most of the day.

Calpe also experienced heavy rain, with many of the town’s roads being closed by police. More than a dozen vehicles were left stranded as drainage systems struggled to deal with the excessive accumulation of water. The hugely popular Oktoberfest that is currently running in Calpe was also affected by the heavy rain and was forced to close until conditions improve.


The province remains on yellow alert for high risk of rain and strong weather conditions.


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