People power demands River Adra solution

ADRA: Aftermath of September 7.

SEVEN hundred Adra residents protested peacefully this week, calling for the river to be re-channelled.

The Adra overflowed during last month’s storms, inundating ground floors and garages, smashing shop windows and sweeping away vehicles and everything in its path. 

The demonstrators marched to the banks of the River Adra where the mayor, Manuel Cortes, read a manifesto before they returned to town by the same route.

All parties on the town council voted in favour of the protest with the exception of the Plataforma Ciudadana Abderitana, which abstained.

“The town hall’s priority is minimising the risk of flooding during torrential rain,” he said.  

 “The September 7 storm has put us on our guard and this is the moment to insist that something is done about the river.”

It was his obligation to take the part of Adra residents and the demonstration proved that finding a solution was a worry for the vast majority, Cortes said. 

“It is essential that we obtain an answer to a demand that this municipality has been making for more than 40 years,” he declared.


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