Classroom chaos, Bees and flooding brings classes to a halt


A NEST of more than 100,000 bees forced the closure of a classroom in Alicante.

Beekeepers moved to the Oscar Espla school to remove the hives as children were taken from the area, although many parents took them home for fear they would be stung.

The seven beehives; the largest with around 50,000 bees, were found nestled in the roof of a classroom and with the help of firefighters and masons, parts of the wall and ceiling were taken down and the bees removed. Around 99 per cent of the bees were saved. 

Meanwhile classes were also disrupted in Elche and Santa Pola, this time as a result of the heavy rains.

Floods occurred in the prefabricated classrooms with lack of maintenance being blamed for water collecting in the gutters with students being moved into other classes.


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