90,000 people get by without income in Alicante

© Joan Thorly beggar.
VULNERABLE: Those living without an income.

AROUND 90,000 people in the province of Alicante are living without any income. 

That’s according to the Labour Force Survey (LFS) put forward today by the Secretary General of the  CCOO union, Consuelo Navarro. She said the figures would rise to 150,000 if those who receive less than €5,000 a year, such as those on benefits, were included.

The figures were presented during the launch of a state wide campaign by the CCOO and UGT unions to collect signatures to present at the Congress of Deputies calling for a legislative initiative to establish a minimum monthly income of €426 for those who receive less than €5,000 a year.


Navarro said the aim of the initiative is “to protect the most vulnerable people.” 



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