More funds for Malaga villages

© pixabay

MALAGA Province towns and villages with less than 25,000 inhabitants will be seeing the funds they receive from the provincial council increased by 10 per cent per year from now until 2019.

Following an agreement between all political parties with presence within the provincial council, which was approved at a plenary session on Monday (October 19), there will also be a new, fairer and better balanced system employed to determine the amounts each municipality receives.

As of next year, each of the 92 municipalities that are eligible for the funds will start with a base amount of €201,000, to which €28 will be added for each inhabitant up to an established maximum of €350,000.


Fifty-two per cent of the funds, council leader Elias Bendodo explained, will be used for infrastructure, works and supplies, while the other 48 per cent will be for general expenses including sports, cultural and educational activities.


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