Major operation against child pornography

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EIGHTY-ONE people, including four in the Balearic Islands, have been arrested in a major National Police operation against child pornography.

The detainees are accused of exchanging photos and videos with sexual content involving minors, some of which, the police say, are extremely violent.

More than 300 officers in 28 provinces throughout Spain have taken part in the operation.

Following a year of investigations, the officers identified the users who anonymously exchanged the files on P2P networks online, which are constantly under police surveillance for such activities.

Amongst the detainees, there are two minors and two mentally disabled people.

Police searched 80 premises and seized 96 hard drives, 58 computers, 68 pen drives, four tablet PCs, 195 CDs and DVDs, 18 mobile phones, 25 memory cards, an MP4 player, a video camera, two cameras and a games console.

During one of the searches at the home of one of the detained minors, a marihuana plantation was found and his father was arrested.


  1. If national police can act this swiftly after only a year of investigation,perhaps you could give lessons to the British on how to ensure such investigations are acted on with such speed.Seems to take longer than that to get the paper work sorted! Then maybe the investigations begin.When the media get involved things seem to move faster.Sure all the police and crime commissioners would welcome your advice.


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