Former King of Spain’s two Ferraris to be auctioned off

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A Ferrari FF similar to those which belonged to Spain´s former king

THE Spanish government is going to hold an auction in early November for two Ferraris which were given to ex King Juan Carlos.

The cars are Ferrari FF four seater models and have starting prices of around €350,000 each. They are on display this week for interested buyers and the auction will be held on November 6. Those who wish to bid will have to put down deposits of around €17,500.

The Finance Ministry said that the Ferraris were donated to the National Heritage Institution by the King in 2012 and the Institution passed them on to the ministry.

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The FFs, one black and the other silver grey, were presented to ex King Juan Carlos by the United Arab Emirates in 2011.

The models normally sell for around €300,000 and buyers typically have to wait months before receiving the car. Guillermo Barrignon Trufero, director of the World Touring Car showroom in Madrid, said on Tuesday October 20 that the starting prices for November’s auction were probably higher because the cars could be collected sooner. He also said that as they belonged to a former king the cars would be of special interest to collectors.

The royal palace said that donations like this weren’t unusual and were in line with the royal family’s code of good conduct.

Juan Carlos handed over the throne to his son Felipe last year. 

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  1. Ferrari has never made a true 4 passenger car that was succesful in the market… and this gift looks no better! Interesting to see who buys them simply becuase of “who filled the seats” rather than quality exotic cars.


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