Youths force residents to close Riviera park in Mijas


RIVIERA DEL SOL residents have been forced to close down the Princesa Diana park in the afternoons and at weekends due to boisterous youths and have had to ask the council to sort out extra police presence.

The Parks and Gardens councillor for Mijas, Lourdes Burgos, announced that she has asked the Local Police to lay on extra patrols in the area and have officers pop into the park at random times to try solve the problem.

“Local residents have complained that youths with bikes and skateboards were entering the park and causing trouble, throwing litter about, drinking and harming animals. It’s a shame such a pretty, busy park has had to be closed in the afternoons and weekends which is when children should be able to go there,” Burgos said.


  1. This is a shame as it is a nice park to sit in at times but then all these areas will be gone soon as the town halls will not spend money to secure or patrol them and parents no longer educate or are allowed to educate their children, so get used to this as it is happening everywhere.

    Since the 60’s people have stood up asking for their freedom and now they have got it so get used to the consequences of it!


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