New book claims King Juan Carlos saw Queen Letitzia as a threat to monarchy

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The Royal Family before the abdication

THE Court of Felipe VI’ a book by journalists, Daniel Forcada of El Confidencial and Alberto Lardies of El Espanol which is to be published this week states that King Juan Carlos had serious reservations about the marriage of his son Felipe to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano.

It is claimed that he considered the divorced former journalist as a commoner who had the potential to do great harm to the royal family and referred to her as ‘la chacha’ (the maid).

In the event, the new King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have made remarkable progress in modernising the royal family and making it more accessible and transparent whilst his sister Princess Cristina and her husband are to appear in court in January next year and even the former king has not been immune to innuendo and criticism.




  1. just goes to prove him wrong
    I read alot of surveys where people had said they did not want her as queen- being both a reporter and commoner.
    I thought everyone knew there was not enough royals for all to marry and what about the problems healthwise by inter breeding?????


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