Monarch airlines flight to Malaga has to abort journey

Markus Mainka Shutterstock
Monarch Airlines Airbus

MONARCH airlines flight ZB654 from Manchester to Malaga took off at 8am on October 18 but the pilot discovered soon after departure that there were two problems as part of the wing had come loose and cabin pressure was not as it should be so he returned to Manchester.

Although fire crews were standing by at the airport, the pilot made a safe landing and no damage was done to plane and none of the 154 passengers were injured. After deplaning, they were transferred to another flight and travelled on to Malaga the same day.

Passengers departing Malaga were advised of the problem and their return flight was delayed for less than two hours.

A spokesman for Monarch Airlines said: “Monarch flight ZB654 from Manchester to Malaga returned to Manchester shortly after take-off. The aircraft developed a technical fault and in line with standard procedure the Captain requested a priority landing.

The flight, which was being operated on an Airbus A321 had 152 passenger, 2 infants and 7 crew including the Captain and First Officer on board, landed safely and without incident at Manchester airport. “


  1. my comment;- Monarch was an airline I always tried to go with as I found them so good
    Then I re read ‘AIRBUS’ says it all to me – I have not flown to USA since they changed to airbus from boing.
    Had a small one to go from Alicante to Madrid. last time
    thank god it was only an hour flight as it was worse than a tin of sardines. I haven’t gone since- that time I had gone american airline as Iberia had deteriorated so much.


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