Massive typhoon hits the Philippines

hans engbers shutterstock
Aftermath of previous typhoon in Manilla

ALTHOUGH it is too early to list the number of people killed by Hurricane Koppu, there is no doubt that when the final figures are available that the typhoon which is measured as being over 400 miles across will have devastated wide areas of the Philippines.

Koppu made landfall at the town of Casiguran in the north of the country on the morning of October 18 with winds in the region of 200 kilometres (124 miles) per hour and although there has been a negligible death toll reported so far, literally thousands of people have had to flee their homes.

As it is a slow moving hurricane, there are fears that it will bring flooding and further disruption over the next few days, including loss of power and landslides.

Even the capital in Manila has not escaped and there are reports of at least one death and a number of injuries when a tree was blown onto a house.

Speaking in Manila, Lotta Sylwander of UNICEF told the BBC that people in the worst hit areas needed to be able to sustain themselves for up to 72 hours.

“That’s how long the typhoon is going to take to pass and during that time it’s going to be extremely difficult to come in with any kind of transport,” she said.


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