Massive influx of immigrants shows the lack of resources in Almeria

RESCUE: Illegal immigrants intercepted off Almeria.

THE arrival of seven boatloads of illegal immigrants has pinpointed a lack of resources, police have complained.

“We are faced with special circumstances caused by the immigrant boats,” said National Police commissioner Adolfo Castaño at a time when 103 were being held at the port.

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This is particularly noticeable when immigrants are transferred from Almeria Port to the courts as there is no coach transport available.  Instead they are taken in small groups and officers from the Public Safety Brigade and the Immigration and Borders unit recently had to prevent two immigrants from running away on their way to court.  

There is also overcrowding in the port accommodation, said the SUP police union which invited Andres Garcia Lorca, the central government’s sub-delegate in Almeria, to visit the installation.  The true situation is not apparent from inside an office, the union said.

Garcia Lorca denied that the National Police lacked resources at the port, adding that he frequently visited the immigrants’ accommodation.


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