Jeremy Corbyn to become vice-president of CND

Garry Knight flickr
Jeremy Corbyn

THE Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn continues to show his commitment to his past values by agreeing to become the vice-president of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) despite the fact Labour party’s policy is to support the renewing of the Trident system.

 Mr Corbyn who has stepped down from his role as vice-chairman of CND due to pressure of work has been criticised by many of his MPs including  new shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle, for saying he would never use nuclear weapons if he became Prime Minister.

CND’s general secretary Kate Hudson said Mr Corbyn’s new role was a “fitting tribute to a very principled man with a lifelong commitment to CND and the cause of nuclear disarmament”.

“Working together, with enormous support from across society, we will prevail against trident and secure a crucial step towards global disarmament,” she added according to the BBC.


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