Train strikes across Spain on Friday

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Train strikes across Spain on Friday.

In a continuation of this month’s protests rail workers will be on strike at selected intervals on Friday October 16 leaving a minimum service of 75 per cent across the country.

The strikes are taking place during separate two hour intervals in the afternoon and evening with thousands of passengers set to be caught up in the scheduling changes.

Renfe, the public train operator in Spain, and Adif, the body which oversees the majority of railway infrastructure in the country, are protesting against numerous factors including the breakdown of discussions regarding a collective bargaining agreement.

The strikes will be between 1pm and 3pm and 8pm and 10pm on Friday. 

The Ministry of Transport has said that a minimum service will be carried out during those hours with 7 per cent of AVE high speed trains operational.

The Ministry has also guaranteed a minimum service of 75 per cent during rush hour and 50 per cent during the rest of the day.

The National Workers’ Union, the CCOO and others have called the strikes in protest to issues including a replacement plan for older workers and a collective bargaining agreement.

Last Friday’s protest was suspended following the theft of fibre optic cables which resulted in nationwide delays for almost 10,000 people. 

The thieves were thought to have been involved in a deliberate act of sabotage.


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