Positively Pink Charity screened over 1,000 people in 2015

Elizabeth Taylor 60th Birthday Watch... Elizabeth Taylor Dior hat from Secret Ceremony and Kaftan.

A SMALL charity with a big heart is dedicated to cancer screening for both women (breast) and men (prostate) on the Costa del Sol but desperately needs more funds to ensure its continued success.

Lorraine Palmer of the El Oceano Beach Hotel in La Cala and a small band of dedicated fund raisers do all that they can to screen as many people as possible each year and so far in 2015 have spent €80,000 to screen over 1,000 people of which 4 men and 9 women have unfortunately tested positive.

Once a problem has been found, they don´t just pass the person on to hospital care but follow through with them on a step by step basis. All of those involved with the charity give their time free of charge and there is no paid staff.

The first interview for all parties takes place at Clinica Medicare in La Cala and then breast screening takes place at Clinica Radiology Fuengirola and if any rescreening is needed that will be undertaken within days with the intent that every person should have a result within two weeks. Those with enhanced breasts go through a different process as mammograms aren’t effective and ultrasound has to be used,

For prostrate screening, a relatively simple blood test is undertaken at Clinica Medicare.

The high spot of each year is the annual Positively Pink (and Positively Blue) Ball which takes place at El Oceano on October 22 and is the main fund raising event they have. 

This year something very special has occurred, as the owners of Melec Costa in La Cala Mark and Rhonda Mellor have been in contact with Siân Owen, niece of the late Richard Burton and friend of Elizabeth Taylor. She has kindly donated a number of items previously owned and worn by Elizabeth Taylor which we are pleased to picture.

Probably the most important piece is a Christian Dior hat which Miss Taylor wore in the1968 film Secret Ceremony starring herself, Robert Mitchum and Mia Farrow. In addition is a fabulous Kaftan in a unique pattern from a major designer from Hawaii which was given to Ms Owens family by Miss Taylor who did indeed wear it.

There is a very interesting numbered Disney watch which was one of 1,000 given by Elizabeth Taylor to guests at her 60th Birthday party held at Disneyland where guests included Michael Jackson. Finally there is also a ‘Gift of Love’ card sent by her to the Owen family.

All of these items are of such importance that rather than auction them at the annual Ball, the auctioneers Christies agreed to establish there provenance (which they have) and will be offering all of these items in one of their future sales, possibly in the USA where anything linked with Elizabeth Taylor and Disney are highly sought after. 

If anyone is interested in obtaining any of these items, then please do contact the charity at [email protected] and your details will be passed to Christies for the future sale.

Like so many small charities, a few people give the most time and money but they are not bottomless pits and the organisers are desperate for more assistance and financial support, especially as the costs of proving screening will only increase rather than decrease.

The Ball which caters for 150 people, always sells out almost a year in advance and generates between €20,000 and €25,000 with some very special auction items, including a holiday from Club La Costa, tickets, travel and accommodation for two to Manchester City v Manchester United in March 2016 donated by the McIvors of Farmhouse Biscuits, two shirts, one signed by World Cup legends Martin Peters and Sir Geoff Hurst and one signed by Martin Peters who hopes to attend the Ball if his health allows.

There is a very special raffle as jewelers Mike and Christine Miserotti donate a diamond ring and this is put into one of 200 sealed ring boxes. The box are then sold for €30 (two for €50) and at an agreed time and on a count of three everyone is allowed to open their box and one lucky person owns the ring.

The cost of admission is €100 per person and a minimum of €50 is guaranteed to pass to the charity. The balance goes towards covering the cost of serving staff, food, drink and entertainment and if this comes to more than €50 then the hotel covers that extra cost itself.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and whilst the likelihood of surviving breast or prostate cancer continues to increase, this only works if the illness is detected at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Cancer never sleeps but too many people pretend it won’t happen to them yet almost certainly have a member of family, friend or colleague who has suffered from some form of cancer or other.

If you want to help, then contact positively-pink or check out their Facebook page www.facebook.com/PPCostaDelSol 


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