Insurance scam discovered in Cabo de Gata

INSURANCE: One of the first things to be checked.

GUARDIA CIVIL officers from Cabo de Gata arrested an insurance agent who retained premiums received from clients.

The scam came to light in September when a Cabo de Gata resident complained to the Guardia Civil that after being involved in a road accident he discovered he had no insurance cover, despite paying for the policy in cash.

Guardia Civil investigators found that other people in the same area had also been deceived by the 37-year-old, who insisted on cash payment and issued them with computerised receipts that turned out to be worthless.  

He allegedly took payments for insurance on four cars and a pet but failed to pass on the cash to the company he represented.  He is accused of defrauding €5,506 in this way and of using some of cash to make Stock Exchange investments, Guardia Civil sources revealed


  1. I have never paid a person who has said ‘they are an agent for insurance’ it is not like uk when you know the agent and where he lives.
    Always paid ‘in the office’ and got a proper receipt and cover note – policy within a week


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