Improvements to Orihuela’s transport

TRANSPORT: Councillor Sofia Alvarez is working on improving transport links.

ORIHUELA is working to improve the current bus service. Councillor for Urban Transport, Sofia Alvarez said she was working on solutions particularly to enhance the service on the coast and in December, Orihuela Costa will be joined with the Torrevieja Hospital in a service operating twice daily in the morning and evening and also stopping at Entrenaranjos.

As for the districts, the councillor said: “I’m working with the mayor to identify the real needs and to establish a better service frequency and to unite them with the city.”

In regards to taxis, the Department is already asking to expand the number of taxis gradually to improve service. In addition, to address the problem of intrusion within the sector and use of illegal taxis, Councillor Alvarez said: “The police control will be strengthened, while we have provided a telephone number for taxi drivers to process their claim and complaints,” since this problem is one of the main concerns of taxi drivers within the municipality.

Orihuela is one of the few municipalities that do not have exams to gain a taxi licence but that will be dealt with so professionals must sit an exam to acquire it.


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