Bicipalma not popular amongst cyclists

© Ayuntamiento de Palma.

BICIPALMA, Palma de Mallorca’s public bike service, has seen a decrease in users by 23 per cent since 2014. 

The number of users of Bicipalma has gone from 2,265 users to 1,737 from January of 2014 to September of the present year, according to Head of the Mobility Department for Palma Council, Joan Ferrer. 

The councillor said a meeting will be held with the department’s team to analyse the reason behind the loss of 528 cyclists in 21 months. 

It is not the first time that this service has seen a dramatic reduction in users; the starkest was registered when the service ceased to be free, in December of 2012, when it went from 22,000 users to only 2,061. 


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