A Local Police officer and the wrong trousers

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PROBLEM: Wallace and Gromit situation for city policeman

A Local Police officer in Almeria City currently has to wear jeans when he goes on patrol.

He has to struggle to fit them inside his regulation boots and only his high-visibility vest identifies him as a city policeman. The officer has been told that he risks losing part of his pay for not wearing regulation trousers, but this is not his fault, he said.

He has the backing of the UEMA union which blamed Almeria City hall for lack of foresight over Local Police equipment and uniforms.  The jeans-clad officer’s regulation trousers are worn out from use and have not been replaced, the union explained.  They are made from specially-treated material to prevent road-rash and are tapered to avert work-related accidents.

In a letter from his superiors, the officers was informed that an urgent order had been put through on his behalf but reminded him that as a temporary measure he should wear trousers issued in the past.

These date back to 2011 and 2012, complained UEMA, which warned that it would take legal action if the officer were penalised for wearing jeans.


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