Transmatic, the automatic gearbox specialists on the Costa del Sol

ESSENTIAL: Many people forget that automatic gearboxes need regular servicing, as well as engines.

SINCE 1992, they have been offering the highest quality service from their immaculate – clients words not theirs – workshop in Estepona. 

Transmatic is a family-run business started by Paul Sutcliffe. His two sons  Robert and James, joined him shortly afterwards and the business  now boasts a workforce of more than 10, including his daughter Rachel. 

They are all fully trained and ready to deal with any problems you might have. 


They carry out all types of services related to the automatic gearbox in your car, boat and even truck, from an oil change to a fully reconditioned gearbox. The team can also repair 4×4 units and power steering. 

All the work is carried out on site with no third parties involved and comes with their rock solid one-year guarantee. 

Technology in the automotive industry is constantly moving forward, and gearboxes are no exception; they have gone from early two-speeds up to the current breed of eight-speed electronic gearboxes. Because of this, Transmatic are constantly investing in the best equipment and training to be able to offer clients the very best service. Be it a classic dating back to the 1940s or today’s latest models, they have the tools for the job, and more importantly, the know-how.

One area that Transmatic are eager to promote is gearbox servicing. They say very few people are aware of the importance or even the need to service their automatic gearbox. Everybody seems to know they must regularly service their engine to keep it at its best and make it last, but don’t know the same applies for the automatic gearbox. Many costly repairs could be avoided with regular servicing; we are not talking the same interval as the engine, but every 60,000 to 80,000 kilometres, it should be serviced. 

Transmatic have the latest automatic gearbox fluid changing equipment, along with a full range of oil types and filters to offer higher than dealership standards. So if you haven’t serviced your car’s automatic gearbox and would like to address this, or have any other kind of problem, or just an enquiry, please call Transmatic and they will be at your service. 

They are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm then from 2.30pm until 6pm. Telephone 952 796 166, mobile 615 834 322, email [email protected] –


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