Students evacuated from Alicante university

© Manuel Lorenzo

STUDENTS had to be evacuated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Alicante due to a false bomb threat.

The eviction was ordered as the security services of the academic centre inspected the building and located a suspicious package. Classes were suspended as security forces were deployed to the building to remove the package but it was a false alarm with the University saying via Twitter it was “not dangerous.”

The definition of a false bomb alert is defined in Article 561 of the Criminal Code, which states it as a “false claim or simulating a situation of danger to the community and as a result of which is necessary to render assistance to another, thereby causing the mobilisation of police, or rescue assistance.” 

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In the latest reform of the Penal Code the wording of Article 561 (false bomb alert) now includes cases of false activation by news of health or emergency situations and causing a situation “with the intention of endangering public peace.”

A false bomb alert can carry a prison sentence for guilty parties.


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