Speed traps installed in the Sant Joan tunnel

SPEED CAMERAS: Four new radars have been installed.

The Provincial Traffic department in Alicante has installed four new radars on a stretch of the A-70 including in the tunnel of San Juan, which are already operational. Fines will be issued for drivers exceeding the 80km/h speed limit that has been set.

Cameras have been located at each end of the tunnel in both directions and are also set to record the time in which it takes a vehicle to cover the distance within the tunnel, issuing penalties if the average speed exceeds the limit.

If speed limits are exceeded the cameras are also set to detect whether or not the vehicle has a current ITV and insurance, offenders may be fined double or triple in the case of non-compliance with the law in this respect.

The cameras used prior at the tunnel have registered on average over 4,500 offences per month, representing at least 450,000 euros in fines according to the DGT. However with the four new cameras now fully operational this figure is set to increase.

Fines are said to be for vehicles travelling between 90-110km per hour and between the hours of 8.00am and 4.00pm, with Sundays increasing significantly.

Works have also been carried out at the tunnel to improve drainage from rains and has included the installation of new signal lights at the entrances to increase security.


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