More good news for ‘illegal’ home-owners in Almanzora Valley


For the second week running there was good news for many property owners, especially in the Almanzora Valley.

A bill amending Andalucia’s LOUA urban development law sailed through its first reading.  This should take the pressure off the owners of homes built illegally – but purchased unknowingly – on subdivided plots of land.

“It was an exciting day,” said Maura Hillen, President of AUAN (pictured fourth from left, front row) who attended the parliamentary session, “none of the political groups submitted objections at this stage and we thank them for that.” 

“Obviously it does not cure everything and we must continue to work,” remarked Gerardo Vazquez, spokesman for AUAN and other associations. 

He added: “But regularising 25,000 of Andalucia’s illegal houses would relieve 25,000 families who acquired properties in good faith and invested their life savings in Spain.” 

Following the parliamentary session there was a brief meeting with Jose Fiscal, who heads the region’s environment and planning department as well as PSOE and Ciudadanos MPs.

“The bill will now pass to the Environment and Planning Commission and we hope that the final text will be approved as soon as possible.  It would be a good Christmas present for many people,” said Hillen. 


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