Major power cut in Gibraltar

© Gibraltar Electricity Authority.
Damage at Montague substation.

AT about 5am on the morning of October 14, the whole of Gibraltar was plunged into darkness due to a serious earth fault at the Montague substation and was left without power for more than four hours.

According to the Gibraltar Electricity Authority the damage to the old switch gear which was installed in 1972 affected the whole of the electrical distribution network.

Once the fault was isolated, the power supply was restored slowly to individual districts across Gibraltar in order to avoid tripping the system, which would have caused further power outages.

The electricity supply was restored to most of Gibraltar by approximately 11am the same day although some parts were not reconnected until later in the afternoon.

The Gibraltar Electricity Authority has apologised for the inconvenience suffered and has released images showing the extent of the damage caused to the equipment that failed.


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