Jose Mourinho fined by FA

© Ronnie McDonald, Wikipedia
Mourinho has been fined for “implying bias on the part of a match official”

JOSE MOURINHO has been handed a suspended stadium ban for one match and fined £50,000 (€67,000) by the FA after comments the Chelsea manager made about match officials.

The match ban will only come into force if he repeats the offence in the next 12 months. 

Mourinho’s comments came after a fourth defeat for Chelsea in the Premier League. The defending champions were beaten by Southampton and saw them placed 10 points behind league leaders Manchester City and only four points away from the relegation zone.


He said his team were “always punished” by match officials due to a “question mark” he claimed came from the media. 

He went on to say, “If the Football Association wants to punish me they can. They don’t punish other managers.”

The FA said his comments “imply bias on the part of a match official.”

Chelsea is going to review the entire report before making a comment. Mourinho’s next game is on Saturday, a home game against Aston Villa.


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