French frigate visits Palma Port

© Lt. Juan David Guerra/Wikipedia
SAILING IN: Jean Bart takes a break from manoeuvres.

THE French frigate Jean Bart arrived in Palma recently to rest following a period on manoeuvres. The 139-metre-long anti-air frigate of the French Marine was commissioned on March 3, 1991, and can reach speeds of up to 30 knots. It was built in Lorient and has a crew of about 250. 

It is based in Toulon and carries SM-1, Mistral and Exocet missiles, amongst others, as well as torpedo launches and a 100mm canon. In 2008, Jean Bart aided in the capture of the pirates who had taken over the luxury yacht MY Le Ponant in the Indian Ocean.

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According to its captain, Commander Olivier, the visit came following intense training manoeuvres and the crew were looking forward to getting to know the city. 


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