The price of fame and fortune

SUPER-STAR: But Sir Tom is no super human being.

SIR TOM JONES’S wife has paid a heavy cost

I’m a firm believer in the old adage that sooner or later the truth will out. With this week’s revelations concerning the attitude and antics of Sir Tom Jones, my beliefs have proved to be correct. His disgraceful statements about his relationship with his wife Linda came as no surprise to me whatsoever. 

Heaven only knows my infidelities are nothing to be proud of, but I most certainly would never dream of describing any of my exes as ‘losing their spark’ or ‘not looking as good as they used to’. This was of course typical of this unfeeling, self-serving individual, who is so far up himself he didn’t even see anything wrong in making statements of this kind. 

I happened to know his wife Linda in those far off days. I actually knew her quite well. During one of our many conversations she told me that when he first began to hit the big time he gave her an ultimatum. He told her that she could either give him a free rein to do exactly as he pleased and live a life of luxury as a pop star’s wife, or divorce him and go back to Pontypridd. Poor Linda, she was so in love with him she chose the former and subsequently suffered the consequences. 

Is it any wonder she has become a reclusive alcoholic? No, Sir Tom has a record of dumping people who were no longer any use to him. Soon after hitting the big time he dropped his faithful group The Squires, who had been with him from day one, without a penny of compensation to soften the blow. A few years ago he asked one of them to visit his house as he had a large amount of clothes he wanted to get rid of. After taking up the offer and choosing a number of items, his none too wealthy, ex-group member was totally gob-smacked when Tom asked him for £60 in payment. 

I could go on but have no space. If you want more you need to order this ole boy’s autobiography. All info on my email.

Keep the faith, Love Leapy

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  1. Oh dear Loopy. If that’s the best you can come up with this week you need to find another profession or maybe become a gossip columnist.
    I may disagree with your tota ltory anti Corbyn rants but this is a new low.
    Have you ever had a proper job?.

  2. Well. At least he was completely open and up front with his wife. Unlike Mr. Pulley blank who carried on with his best friends wife in secret, and as he so eloquently stated, the truth will out. Which it did. Thus resulting in divorce and a mess. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Tom Jones can actually sing which is more than one say for Mr Pulleyblank. Too bad that Tom Jones took so long to rediscover his roots and brought out the superb album ” Spirit in the room”,which Mr. Pulleyblank dissed some years ago,and gave the inane and banal pop tunes a rest.


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