The EU’s countries are to blame for the refugee crisis – not the EU Commission!

CAMERON: Is in a minority of one.

Germany is claiming ‘moral’ leadership over asylum seekers and is bullying its eastern neighbours to take a share

The commissioner tasked with Europe’s response to the EU’s botched handling of the migration crisis recently boasted that the EU’s Brussels executive isn’t to blame because it’s not elected! He pointed the finger instead at individual EU countries with their border closures and road blocks. 

Cameron’s anti-Brexit EU renegotiations seem to be hitting the same road blocks. EU countries fear the UK might ‘destroy the DNA of the European Union.’ 

The European Council on Foreign Relations consulted 100 leading politicians in 10 key European capitals: Cameron, apparently, has support for barely a third of his objectives, his key one (slowing the flow of economic migrants to Britain) was rejected by all 10 countries.

Germany’s apparent moral leadership over asylum seekers – its open-door policy turning it into the promised land for desperate people – while laudable in theory, has created chaos across Europe. 

Goodwill has been lost by its bullying of its poorer eastern neighbours to take a share (added to that, Germany’s VW ‘Dieselgate’ scandal could go well beyond VW itself, with the wheels potentially coming off an entire industry).

The problem within the EU Commission is its bureaucracy which doesn’t seem to know how to bridge the gap between the opposing points of view within it and so resorts to bullying tactics to enforce Germany’s. 

It really doesn’t seem to see the divisions it’s creating unless, of course, its hidden agenda includes removing the UK from the EU on the basis that it creates disharmony through disagreement. 

If so, wouldn’t it be better for the UK to leave if it’s no longer welcome in the club? Which then begs the question: Would the UK’s departure be the first domino to fall as the EU either fails or becomes an even bigger monster; one that nobody will want?

In nuclear physics, fusion and fission are both explosive. The EU is an experiment in fusion that’s gone wrong. Maybe it’s time to halt the experiment before the laboratory’s blown up?

Meanwhile, the EU continues to limp along. It has faint hope of ever turning into the dream of some of its architects who, unelected by the population of the EU, continue to carve their own, misguided, path. 

All this and a couple of million migrants on the march…

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