The independence dream much closer in La Herradura

© Wikimedia Commons

THE different parties at the Almuñecar Town Hall unanimously approved, on October 8, a motion put forward by left-wing party Izquierda Unida requesting the paperwork to begin to allow La Herradura to become a town on its own. 

All parties agreed upon the creation of a commission made up by 10 council members, on behalf of all political forces existing at the council (two per party).

Deputy Mayor of La Herradura, Juan Jose Ruiz Joya, will be designated president of the commission and will be responsible for all documents needed to have the candidacy considered by the authorities. Ruiz Joya will be assisted by municipal experts who will evaluate the political and legal options available to facilitate the creation of an independent government in La Herradura. The report created by said experts is to be presented within a maximum period of four months. 

“Today, this municipal group has achieved a very important agreement, dare I say, historical,” said Ruiz Joya, and continued: “I have always been convinced that this time would come, although it is now essential to tackle it with a calm approach whilst listening to what the residents have to say.”

He then went on to thank Mayor of Almuñecar, Trinidad Herrera, for her understanding and support, which is expected to allow La Herradura to become an independent town. 

“We understand that the feelings of the La Herradura residents are relevant, historical and fair,” said Ms Herrera, who continued: “However, it is a large-scale issue and we want to guarantee that the process is democratic and transparent and that each and every one of La Herradura’s residents feels represented.” 


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