Mother and son shot in Manchester

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Greater Manchester Police.

POLICE have reported that a seven-year-old boy and his mother were targets of a shooting in the doorway of their home in Gillingham Road, Eccles, Salford, on the evening of Monday, October 12.

The woman, 29, and her son were taken to hospital with leg wounds after the gunman shot them but their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

An official statement from the local police said it was not clear if the incident was linked to other shootings in Greater Manchester at the weekend.

“This is a truly shocking set of circumstances in which a young boy and a woman have been injured after they were shot at by a gunman at their home,” Detective Superintendent Joanne Rawlinson said, according to BBC News.

“This incident has only just happened, but there is a huge police effort under way to investigate this attack and find those responsible.”

DS Rawlinson went on to say that the police do not know the motive behind the incident, and appealed for anyone with information to come forward.


  1. saw this sort of thing in Cardiff but it was knocking on the door not in the doorway – when they opened the door they got attacked.
    Cardiff police knew who had done it but it took them 7 days to catch the person resposible.
    I hope mother and son recover and are not scared by it.


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