Elderly German tourist missing in Mallorca

© Artesia Wells - Shutterstock
Playa de Muro Mallorca.

An 81-year-old German man, on holiday with his wife and a group of about 40 others, was reported missing from the Muro beach late on Sunday, October 4 and has still not been found despite searches conducted by Guardia Civil, Local Police, fireman and other officials.

A regular visitor to Mallorca, it transpires that he left the hotel to go swimming at a local beach but when he did not return and all that could be found on the beach were his sandals and a towel his wife alerted the authorities who started searching the surrounding area immediately, although he was not officially reported missing until the following day.

Reports indicate that the officials used a helicopter, speedboat and divers, together with a dog-handler and searchers on foot with binoculars but so far, there has been no sighting of the missing man.


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