Spill not responsible for beach closures in Almeria

EL PLAYAZO: One of the beaches closed in June.

THE regional government admitted that 216,000 litres of spillage from the Villaricos treatment plant reached the sea last June.

This occurred because of a faulty pipe at the Galasa pumping station, the Junta said in response to the Veraplayazul Association, quoting from official administration reports on permitted discharges in rivers and the sea in Almeria’s Levante area.

The spillage on June 13 occurred 10 days before the Vera and Villaricos beaches were closed after several swimmers suffered an allergic reaction to micro-algae in the seawater.

“Spills like these do not pose health risks nor do they affect the environment or sea bathing,” said the regional government’s Environment Delegate to Almeria, Antonio Martinez.

“The administration carries out frequent environmental checks to ensure that industrial installations and waste water treatment plants comply with the conditions governing discharges as well as regional, state and EU legislation.”


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