Spain to sign European Convention for protection of household pets

Spain to sign the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals.

SPAIN has pledged to sign a European agreement for the protection of pets which was drafted for all European countries to sign by the Council of Europe.

Spain will be the 18th country to sign the agreement, known as the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals. 

The convention introduces limitations surrounding the involvement of animals in advertising or publicity campaigns as well as exhibitions and shows. The second provision stops pet owners from taking their animals to be operated on for any reason other than curative necessity.

This means that no surgical intervention may take place unless it is for the health of the animal. The convention is built around the health and wellbeing of pets and requires owners to be aware of any specific information relevant to the safety and condition of their animals.

In particular, people should know what food is appropriate for their species and what kind of exercise is recommended. 

Another provision is that town halls and local councils will have to stay in line with a set of measures introduced for stray animals. The onus will be on local government to communicate to people the best ways to handle stray cats and dogs in the area.

Animal charities have been demanding the signing of this agreement for years and will welcome Spain’s commitment to the convention.


  1. America needs to follow these guidelines and SOON. Here in America, WAY TOO MANY dogs are mutilated for appearances sake, over-vaccinated to the point of chronic illness and/or death, and not socialized properly, separated from their mother and siblings way too soon (in many areas) as puppies, the list is LONG on how americans are actually (maybe ignorantly) CRUEL to these animals we claim to love so much.

  2. Lynda is perfectly right. Here in Spain we have experienced that many laws, norms, decrets are written but NEVER applied! Who can we turn to? We are having terrible trouble with neighbours having 4 to 6 dogs left alone on their property all year long except during school holidays when they come to chill out! They live in the town next to their summer house and come to feed them, quite regularely , as well as a horse, a poney, chickens, geeze…. but the dogs are so lonely and scared at night that they bark! Like I said there are rules and regulations but the Policia Local doesn’t do anything because the owners are compatriots.
    The European council for protection of dogs haven’t mentionned not to leave dogs without a presence during months! Why? Poor dogs just left alone!
    Don’t come and live in Alfaz del Pi / Albir because I know we are not the only ones suffering from barking dogs in this area because the Police just ignores the problem. They are ruled by the City Hall which imposes them not to act we’ve experienced after a very long battle.
    Micheline Berger

  3. Of course they ignore the problem, it is easier to get money from fining people for silly parking offences and playing music in their bars rather than getting involved in something like real work. The local police when called to an apartment near my sisters that was making a racket just turned round and walked away when they herd there was a dog barking there, there is no such thing as a proper local police force in this country, just macho people in uniforms who think they look chullo!


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