Pupils plagued by mosquitoes in Guadalmar school

© Wikimedia Commons.
Paseo Abel Sanches, Guadalmar.

PARENTS of pupils at the Julio Caro Baroja school in Guadalmar, near the Guadalhorce river estuary, are complaining that mosquitoes are making their children’s lives a misery. 

Although ‘mozzies’ are common in the area, this year they have been particularly bad, authorities have admitted, but not much can be done until the Junta de Andalucia regional government gives permission to hose down the river banks or the cold, wet weather arrives.

Headmistress Yolanda Claros explained that although the centre uses electric repellents in classrooms and the council fumigates every now and then, children are constantly under attack, especially in the playground.


Parents have started a petition on change.org to encourage the authorities to take further action.


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