Nerja’s coalition broken over Facebook fight

Nerja’s Mayor Rosa Arrabal.

CIUDADANOS, which was, until now, in control of the Nerja Council together with the PSOE socialist party, has broken the agreement after a fight between the two parties on Facebook. 

In a statement, the independent party, Cs, has announced that the pact has been withdrawn ‘irreversibly’ after this agreement made possible the investiture of socialist Rosa Arrabal as Mayor of the Town after Deputy Mayor Jose Miguel Garcia (PSOE) made negative comments about Cs on the party’s Facebook account. 

Specifically, the deputy mayor commented: “This is embarrassing, you need to govern more and tell fewer lies. Three months in charge without doing absolutely anything, only complaining, not collaborating and it is easy to criticise. Nerja is asking for change and you are not contributing anything.”


“We would like to notify the registry of Nerja Council that the investiture pact has been broken,” read the letter: “With their statements, they have betrayed our trust.”

The support of Cs after the elections back on May 24, together with two other left-wing parties, made it possible for the PSOE to take control of the council and remove the Partido Popular from the town hall after 20 years in office. 


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