No such thing as a free (school) lunch

Rex Pirie
SCHOOL MEALS: Free for low-income families

A 100 per cent subsidy for free school meals landed a PSOE councillor and Diputacion member in hot water.

Angeles Castillo applied for free meals at the school her daughter attends despite receiving a salary of €45,000 a year from the Diputacion.

She also has an income as a lawyer and, although she receives no salary as a councillor, Castillo is paid for attending plenary sessions and committee meetings. Her husband also works.


Only nine families at the daughter’s school received a 100 per cent subsidy – for which it necessary to earn less than €8,000 a year – the Los Pinos parents’ association revealed.

Castillo explained that she had applied for the meals subsidy in September. Eligibility was calculated on her earnings the previous year before she was elected to the Diputacion and Huercal de Almeria Town Hall.

The Huercal de Almeria Mayor, Ismael Torres, has now called for Castillo’s resignation both from the town council and at the Diputacion.


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