Trial for trying to kill policeman

Flickr, danielvalle5

A MAN, 38, is facing nine years in prison for allegedly attempting to kill a Local Police officer in Palma.

The events took place the early hours of April 21, 2013 when a group of friends started a fight in a bar, annoying other clients. The owner called the Local Police and when they arrived the accused became aggressive with the officers, who asked them to step outside. He then punched one of them hard, breaking bones in his neck and leaving him unable to breathe. The injuries could have killed him. He was initially taken to the mutual insurance company where he was given painkillers, but several hours later, he went to Son Espases Hospital where he was admitted in a serious condition. His recovery took two months and he is still considered unfit for work. He has difficulty swallowing and had to go to a speech therapist.

The accused is charged with attempted manslaughter and attacking an officer. Three of his friends are also on trial for attempting to prevent his arrest.


The prosecution is asking for €3,000 in compensation. The private prosecution is asking for 11 years in prison for the man who learned self-defence techniques when he was previously in prison.


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