New ‘Vote Leave’ campaign launched to take the UK out of EU backed by millionaire donors

Photo Credit Zoran Kristic, Shutterstock
Vote Leave campaign launched

A new cross-party campaign to take the UK out of the EU has been launched in Britain with donors from the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP among its treasurers.

Vote Leave has been set up among British Eurosceptics ahead of the referendum promised for 2017 in which people will be asked if they want the UK to stay in the EU.

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Vote Leave will now compete with the UKIP funded Leave.EU to become the official ‘out’ campaign.

The new campaign has backers including millionaire Tory donor Peter Cruddas, Labour’s biggest private backer John Mills and ex-UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler. Its supporters include Kate Hoey of Labour and Douglas Carswell of UKIP.

With ‘Take Control’ as its slogan, Vote Leave’s main message is about sovereignty with free trade negotiations also on its agenda.

Ms Hoey said that the EU has too much control over British law and added “If we vote to leave then the £350 million we send to Brussels every week can be spent on our priorities, like the NHS.”

Mr Mills, millionaire founder of JML, said “If we vote to leave the EU we will be able to trade freely with the EU and have friendly cooperation. The UK will regain legal control of things like trade, tax, economic regulation and energy. We will be able to vote for people who will be able to make our trade deals and control our own public services. I would urge everyone to get behind the Vote Leave campaign and make the case for Britain outside the EU.”



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