Mojacar beach is topped and tailed

RUMINA BEACH: River Aguas flows down to the sea.

MOJACAR beach and the seabed have had a thorough clean-up.

Mojacar Diving Centre, members of the public, town hall employees and Civil Defence members cleared away rubbish which in some cases needs 450 years to biodegrade.

The event was organised to raise public awareness of sea pollution and the 30 volunteers were given an environmental talk on the Rumina beach near the mouth of the River Aguas.

The diving team was composed of beginners and advanced divers while children and adults, who included Councillors Agustin Montoya and Emmanuel Aguera, removed litter from the beach. Town hall staff and Civil Defence volunteers assisted with logistical support, transporting the divers and also collecting the debris found on the seabed and Rumina beach.

Amongst the items found on the seabed were a tyre and the frame of a beach umbrella, bringing home the need for environmental conservation and highlighting the dangers of allowing rubbish to accumulate in the seas and oceans.


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