La Herradura’s seabed is now squeaky clean

CLEAN-UP EVENT: Volunteers and divers rid the seabed of all sorts of rubbish.

ALL sorts of waste was collected from La Herradura’s seabeds by a group of volunteers and divers who selflessly gave their free time to clean up the underwater environment.

Fish hooks, scrap metal and all kinds of rubbish were collected in the Peña Parda–Cerro Gordo area. The event was organised by the ‘Friends of the Sea of Costa Tropical’ association with the collaboration of the Sub-aquatic Activities Association of the University of Malaga.

The event was one of many other similar ones organised on the occasion of the ‘Sea Festival’, under the slogan ‘The Sea: The Jewel of All my Treasures’, which was designed to raise awareness of the richness and patrimonial importance of La Herradura’s seabeds.


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