Couple faces jail for revenge on ex


THE Public Prosecutor’s Office will be requesting jail sentences for a Malaga couple accused of making the man’s ex-girlfriend’s life a misery in revenge for dumping him.

The victim decided to end a four month relationship in September 2011, the prosecution explains in its preliminary report, a break-up the man had trouble accepting.

In April 2012, the report states, her social media accounts were hacked and nasty messages sent to her contacts and she received threatening text messages.

Then, in November, insulting graffiti appeared outside her place of work and she started getting dirty phone calls when her name and number where put in adult advertisements.

Eventually, after falling into depression, she was forced to move house and change her phone numbers to escape the misery of the couple’s revenge, the prosecution stated.

Therefore the prosecution intends to request jail sentences of seven and a half years for the woman and eight and a half years for the man, with damages of more than €10,000 and restricting orders.


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